Austin Music People is constantly working to connect the amazing people and organizations who are working to gather people together in Austin Texas.



We advocate for a streamlined, efficient, and comprehensive city process for special events in regards to permitting and enforcement.


We engage the events community by keeping stakeholders informed on issues that affect us all.


We aim to facilitate healthy dialogue between event producers and the city staff.


We are available as a resource for events of all sizes to help navigate the city process.

Current Policy Initiatives

Special Events Ordinance
AMP continues to be at the forefront of discussions and changes to the proposed Special Event Ordinance. AMP has been involved with Special Events Ordinance since inception, which was close to six years ago. As the years of gone one, AMP continues to advocate for an efficient ordinance that creates a streamlined process for the events community.

The Special Events Ordinance was approved on third reading on May 10, 2018. The summer of 2018, the Austin Center for Events (ACE) held informational meetings to encourage stakeholders to work with the city to create departmental rules, governing operation, and application of the Special Events Ordinance. The final rules will be adopted April 1, 2019.

One of the final implementation of the ordinance will be the Special Events Taskforce that will convene on April 1, 2019. Stakeholder will have the chance to dig into how the SEO will affect seven different events. AMP will continue to reach out to each event producer to register feedback and alert on developments from the city.

Community Outreach 
AMP’s mission is to understand and empower Austin’s events community. AMP will be reaching out to dozens of events in Austin to listen to their issues related to all aspects of producing event in Austin.