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Special Events Ordinance:

AMP continues to be at the forefront of discussions and changes to the proposed Special Event Ordinance, which was approved on third reading on May 10, 2018. ACE will process event applications under the new ordinance starting April 1, 2019.

Throughout the summer, the Austin Center for Events held informational meetings to encourage stakeholders to work with the city to create departmental rules, governing operation, and application of the Special Events Ordinance. The proposed rules are now posted for a 30-day public comment period. Please visit the Austin Center for Events website, Citystage.

To be considered, comments must be submitted before January 18, 2019, the 32nd day after the date this notice is posted. A summary of the written comments received will be included in the notice of rule adoption that must be posted for the rule to become effective.

Comments on the proposed rule are requested from the public. Comments should be submitted to: Mr. William Manno, Corporate Special Events Program Manager,
Austin Center for Events, 505 Barton Springs Road, Suite 1070 Austin, Texas 78702
512-850-4477, or via email at

The Special Event Task Force will be created in the upcoming months. Please stay tuned for more updates.

Entertainment & Sound compatibility engagement

On October 18, 2018, City Council approved a resolution directing staff to provide a stakeholder-informed proposal to improve compatibility between residents, lodging establishments, and music-related businesses. The goal of this engagement is to create a proposal reflecting best practices for encouraging peaceful co-existence and amicable participation in Austin’s world renowned nighttime economy, while fostering trust within the community.

The third meeting in the Sound Compatibility Engagement dove deep into the four key themes identified by stakeholders: Compliance & Enforcement; Sound Standards, Monitoring & Mitigation; Stakeholder Partnerships; and Agent of Change. Stakeholders better understood the full impact of collected stakeholder recommendations , found common ground, and compiled a priority list that will inform the final report to City Council. There was a discussion of how stakeholders responded to the Amplified Sound Compatibility Proposed Solutions Survey. For more information on the survey, please click here.

The first meeting was Wednesday, November 28 and it was a Sound Compatibility Best Practices Forum which was an introduction to the topic, review of the council resolution, and a panel session to learn how peer cities like San Fransisco, Brisbane, and Toronto approach entertainment-related compatibility. If you’d like to go back and watch the discussion, please click here.

The second meeting was a stakeholder engagement discussion that was a Listening Session. If you’d like to go back and listen to the discussion, please click here.

Please complete the signup form to be added to the stakeholder database. Registration is free and required for all stakeholder meetings.


Spring Festival 2019 Special Event Application Deadlines

The Austin Center for Events (ACE) is implementing a new deadline for temporary permit applications in anticipation of a busier than normal Spring Festival Season.

Applications for special events being planned during Spring Festival 2019 (March 8 to March 17) must be submitted by 5 p.m. on Friday February 8. ACE defines Spring Festival Season as the time period from early to mid-March with a high concentration of events in and around downtown core including the South by Southwest (SXSW) Conference, festivals, and associated events as well as increased spring break activities and visitors.

The February 8 deadline will provide ACE staff time to thoroughly review each special event application and assess the cumulative impact of spring events on overall safety, mobility, sustainability, and quality of life in the city. ACE encourages event planners who are considering hosting events during Spring Festival 2019 to fill out and submit complete applications under the Event Planning section on City Stage.

City Stage also has tools and resources available to make the application and temporary permitting process easier to understand including the new 2019 Spring Festival Event Planning at a Glance guide.

Event planners with questions about the 2019 Spring Festival application deadline or the special event temporary permitting process can contact 512-974-1000 or