Austin's event industry...

Austin’s events industry is comprised of a diverse group of special events, festivals, event planners, and others; from world-renowned global events to running events, festivals, fundraisers, farmers markets, and community fundraisers. These events bring vibrancy, community, and economic benefit to our City.  They infuse our City with a sense of belonging and cultural celebration, and are built and curated by event producers, contract workers, vendors, and countless others who create tens of thousands of jobs for our local economy. They also provide pivotal income for a large portion of Austin’s music & creative communities, as well as tens of millions in direct tax revenue to the City.

The work of bringing people together is increasingly difficult. Regulatory processes, global trends, and the rapidly shifting landscape and costs of Austin Texas put enormous pressure on events and businesses which already operate on a razor-thin margin.

Austin Music People advocates for a streamlined, efficient, and comprehensive city process for special events in regards to permitting and enforcement. We strive to be the collective voice for our industry to the City bureaucracy, and we aim to facilitate healthy dialogue between event producers and the city staff by engaging the events community and keeping stakeholders informed on issues that affect us all. We are available as a resource for events of all sizes to navigate the city process and are constantly working to connect the amazing people and organizations who are working to gather people together in Austin Texas.