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Special Event Ordinance: Rules Process

Austin Center for Events held special information sessions for stakeholders on the rules process for the Special Events Ordinance. For more information, please tap the button below.

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Special Events Ordinance Draft

City Council passed the Special Event Ordinance on May 10, 2018 with some amendments made by Mayor Pro Tem, Kathie Tovo. Here are the amendments that were made.

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2015 AMP White Paper

In 2015, AMP released recommendations the City can make to benefit the music industry at large.


Austin Center for Events Guidebook

This guidebook helps assists event organizers through the city permitting process by providing requirements and guidelines necessary to produce a special event in the City of Austin.


Austin Center for Events

Austin Center for Event's Department Contact Information 

Music & Entertainment Division of the City of Austin
(512) 974-1000


Austin Parks and Recreation Department (PARD) Office of Special Events (OSE)


Austin Transportation Department Special Events


Public Assembly Code Enforcement
Chair - Lt. Tom Sweeney, Austin Police Department
Vice Chair - Paul Tomasovic, Austin Code


Austin Public Health
Environmental Health Services Division
Lori Murphy, Special Permitting Unit Supervisor


Austin Fire Department Special Events


Austin Police Department Special Events


Austin-Travis County EMS Special Events


Building and Structure
José G. Roig -


Austin Resource Recovery


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