NEW! Austin Music People 2016 Voter Guide

Austin Music People 2016 Voter Guide

As Austin continues to grow, it’s more important than ever that our community turns out to vote for music-friendly policies and candidates.  Every vote matters and helps music continue to play a major role in our city, not just as a $1.8 billion economic driver, but as our cultural soul and a creator of community and shared social history.

Early voting in Texas is October 24 to November 4. Find your polling place here.

Election Day is November 8. Polls are open 7 AM–7 PM.  If you’re in line at your polling location by 7 PM,  you’re allowed to vote. Find your polling place here.

Click here to find your Austin City Council District, if you don’t know it already – it only takes a second!

AMP Says Vote YES on Proposition 1

Austin Music People endorses Prop 1, and we strongly encourage our members and supporters to vote FOR this ballot initiative.

Prop 1 will fund corridor and intersection improvements, a computerized traffic light system, pullout lanes so buses don’t block traffic, and new and improved bus stops with shelters and benches – the biggest single investment in Austin’s active transportation network ever.

In addition to these projects, Prop 1 will fund protected bike lanes, urban trails, Vision Zero safety improvements, tree planting and landscaping, and up to 50 miles of new sidewalks throughout the city.  No single plan can solve every problem, but it’s long past time to get started. No matter where we choose to go from here, these are the underlying transportation basics that need to be addressed first – and fast. Join AMP to help get Austin moving again.

Learn more and get the facts at Move Austin Forward. Remember: The mobility bond will be all the way at the bottom of the ballot, and voting straight party ticket will NOT check the Prop 1 box.  Be sure to scroll down to cast your vote!

Select Candidate Quotes from the AMP Questionnaire

Read the full candidate responses to our eight-question instrument here.

District 2

“We need to find a way to preserve and nurture the creative community here in Austin. Affordability is a citywide problem and we need to do something to tackle this issue.” – Wesley Faulkner

“We must make protecting our status as the Live Music Capital of the World a priority by finding meaningful ways to protect our venues and our musicians.”  – Council Member Delia Garza

District 4

“A primary reason people come to visit Austin is because of our music industry. I’m interested and would continue to be supportive in looking at how we can further utilize our Hotel Occupancy Taxes to support the music industry and music venues…many municipalities have worked with their legislative delegation to create exemptions to these rules through a collaborative process, and I’d look forward to engaging in that work.” – Council Member Greg Casar

District 6

“The top issues facing the music industry are the same issues facing Austin as a whole… primarily tied to housing affordability and transportation costs. The music community in Austin also faces problems on the business-side with venues struggling to keep up with rising rents…Venues that support the community…should be supported. The same holds true for all manner of small, locally-owned businesses.” – Jimmy Flannigan

District 7

“In the coming years, it will be important to preserve the venues that exist and promote expanding music culture farther north. We won’t be able to do this if the city is working against the industry by imposing unreasonable roadblocks for new venues.” – Natalie Gauldin

“I think the service industry workers should consider unionizing to add muscle and focus to their efforts to win livable wages and fair workplace policies. Joining in common cause can have a lot of positive outcomes.” – Council Member Leslie Pool

District 10

“The music scene helps retain and attract a talented workforce in other industries and enriches the lives of young and old. Our musical landscape is as eclectic – as electric as our City.” – Alison Alter

“If we can protect the culture that allows…people to express themselves and be able to afford to live here at the same time, then the rest is easy – just get out of the way and enjoy their music, art, film, dance, and theater.” – Council Member Sherri Gallo

“Resolutions are cute, but someone needs to actually propose solutions that solve problems, and that’s what I’m going to do on the dais.” – Nicholas Virden