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“More and more, when it comes to ongoing music events in Austin, we learn that simply having transparent discussions with stakeholders can alleviate concerns and provide solutions for all involved. People just want to be heard and respected. AMP is instrumental in making this happen."
James Moody, owner, The Mohawk Austin

Austin Music People are all around us: from the number one fan to the lead singer, the bartender to the booker, the venue owner, the poster designer, the sound engineer, the last door guy on shift – we are all Austin Music People.

AMP welcomes everyone who cares about live music in Austin.  As an  AMP supporter,  you, your business, your band, and your group have the advocacy partner and the tools and resources to work productively with other industry professionals, with our city and state government, and with other stakeholders throughout Austin’s exploding creative sector and the larger community.

And whether your interest is industry networking, artist compensation, affordable housing, transportation, safety, tourism, growing your small business, or recruiting new business to Austin – AMP is your number one fan. We work behind the scenes year-round to mobilize and activate those who want to make sure Austin retains the title of “Live Music Capital of the World” for decades to come.