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  • In 2010, when a residential development went up in one of the city’s busiest live music corridors, the neighborhood got the just the type of dense housing stock it badly needed. But when developers moved to have live music end two hours earlier in deference to the neighborhood’s new residents, it became clear that Austin's pro-growth live music industry needed a seat at the table as well. We knew there was a path to long-term prosperity for Austin that included compact and connected commercial and residential development, a high quality of life for residents, and welcoming environment for new business - all set to the soundtrack of the Live Music Capital of the World.

    Owners of affected properties conferred, reached out across the music industry, spoke with City leaders, and in 2011, Austin Music People was born. Today, AMP is an unprecedented alliance that includes some of Austin’s most successful entrepreneurs, as well as many midsize and small music businesses, professional musicians and artists, and devoted fans of Austin’s music scene. And today, that residential development is a high-performing properties per square foot for its parent company, offering a great return on investment while celebrating residents' easy access to great live entertainment.

    The AMP coalition exists to strengthen the music sector for the ongoing benefit of the regional economy. Together, we are committed to making the economic development of the Austin live music industry a priority for our political, civic, and cultural leaders, and to connecting and empowering Austin’s live music community by providing powerful advocacy tools, participating in policy development, and representing live music interests in public and private forums.

    Constantly monitor development initiatives, lawmaking, and constituent and consumer behaviors; identify opportunities and challenges facing the local music industry with an eye toward
    sustainability, growth and leadership

    Mobilize an informed local electorate, helping those invested to make their support of Austin
    music known; facilitate collaboration between the music industry and community

    Explore ideas, policies, issues and initiatives facing the music industry; propose solutions focused on success and sustainability



  • "On a consistent basis, the team at AMP works to protect Austin’s music industry through advocacy and collaboration.”
    - Don Pitts, Manager, City of Austin Music & Entertainment Division, Economic Development Department

    "It’s reassuring to know there are people at AMP who have my back!"
    - Angela Gillen, Owner, Flamingo Cantina

    "The team at AMP worked to protect the interests of live music at the Cedar Street Courtyard, while helping facilitate communication with the City of Austin Music Office, Austin Police Department and other parties. AMP has proven a to be a valuable ally for us.”
    - Jason Schnurr, Owner, Cedar Street Courtyard

    "We're very happy about this outcome! The team at AMP was very proactive in working with the APD to resolve our loading zone issue quickly. Thank you very much."
    - Doug Guller, Owner, The Parish

    "The AMP team has been instrumental in working with City Council, City staff and interested stakeholders to help with solutions to improve our live music permitting rules."
    - Mike Martinez, former Councilmember, Austin City Council

    "The people at AMP are committed to working with the City of Austin, music venues and parties affected by live music so that everyone better understands the issues and can then work together to solve them."
    - Laura Morrison, former Councilmember, Austin City Council

    "It has been important to the Waller Creek planning process to have AMP involved to help us better understand the creative ecosystem along Red River.”
    - Sheryl Cole, former Austin City Councilmember and Mayor Pro Tem

    "AMP helps facilitate communication among music venue owners and the Austin Police Department so we can work more effectively together."
    - Art Acevedo, Chief of Police, Austin Police Department



    Chair: Bobby Garza
    Secretary: Brad Spies
    Brad Stein
    Lindsey Sokol


    Tom Gimbel - KLRU
    John Kunz – Waterloo Records
    Sara Levine - ATX Safer Streets
    Terry Lickona – Austin City Limits Television
    Tim Neece – Long Center for the Performing Arts
    Barbara Rappaport - The Outlaw Roadshow
    Joel Rasmussen - Austin Rental Alliance, Mango Media
    Steve Wertheimer - Continental Club, C-Boy's Heart & Soul


    Susan Antone – Antone’s
    Lauren Burton Spies - event professional
    Jim Eno – producer, artist
    Michael Feferman - DoStuff Media
    Elaine Garza - Giant Noise
    Rich Garza - Pachanga Latino Music Festival
    Courtney Graber - C3 Presents
    Frank Hendrix – Emo’s
    Matt Hickey – High Road Touring
    Matt Luckie – Red Fez, Star Bar
    Alex Maas – artist, Black Angels
    Paige Maguire Schneider – Dell
    Matt Mandrella - technology consultant
    Davis McLarty – Davis McLarty Agency
    Adrian Quesada – producer, artist
    Erika Wennerstrom - artist, Heartless Bastards
    Will Wynn - Energy policy and environmental sustainability consultant


    Charles Attal
    James Moody
    Roland Swenson